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HYGIEA is a new composite material developed by VIGEN MEDICAL, containing 19 different therapeutic natural components and has been certified to emit 98.6% life giving FAR INFRARED RAYS. 

Miraculous work of Hygiea

Hygeia, "the Goddess of health" is developed with the state-of-the-art technology using diverse minerals to radiate the most efficient energy & to improve blood circulation.It provides maximum amount of far infrared rays to the body. It helps our body to fight with diseases and injuries by natural healing process. Nerve Hormone Control, Blood Vessel Management, Toxin Discharge, Ache Relaxation, Promotes Cell Reformation, Spine Alignment, Spine Pelvis Reformation, and Increases Immunity Power.


Composition of Miraculous Hygiea

Benefits from Germanium Semiconductor in Germanium facilitates the electron movements of materials. Germanium promotes cell activity by controlling electric currents. Produce an interferon inductor, an excellent anti-cancer agent that prevents cancer metastasis. Strengthen the immune system and natural healing force by increasing immune cells and interferon in the body. Purify blood and prevent cholesterol & lipid oxidation while facilitating their dissolution and evacuation. Dissolve lactic acid, a cause of fatigue and relieve pain by controlling its cause.


Benefits from Silver It eliminates reproductive function of viruses. It eliminates all cold viruses as well as all germs. It boosts a natural healing force and physiological function. As a natural antibiotic substance, it is used as a germicidal agent Eliminate almost 650 kinds of microbes (combat 5 or 6 bacterium) Prevents bacteria from becoming resistant to antibiotics and sterilizes it. Boost an immunity system and maximize a natural healing force Serve as an antibacterial and anti-mold agent Promote physical growth & development and cell reproduction Maintain hormone balan


Benefits from clay Clay has abundant organic minerals and inorganic minerals including nitrogen, cilium, and magnesium. Purify polluted materials Boost metabolism by supplying micro-nutrients Improve skin condition and appearance


Benefits from Feldspar Holds the essential inorganic matter (mineral) abundantly. Composed of Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Barium etc. Promotes whole body function and promotes nutrients having Complete elements. It largely releases the ultra red ray and conserves energy. Antibacterial and anti-mole effects

Alganic Acid

Benefits from Alganic Acid Dissolve and excrete strontium-90 and metals like cadmium, barium, copper, manganese out of the body Produce active materials with high bio-compatibility to heal wounds. Promotes sound energy flow of body through Meridians, Cholesterol decrement. Creates matter which help in recovery of organ injury. It purifies blood.


Benefits from Serpentine Toxin liquid forms a water drop on the outer surface of a glass made of serpentine Multiply drug effects when drinking with serpentine-made glass. Excellent detoxification effects Absorb and eliminate carbon dioxide Boost metabolism of cells and tissues thanks to abundant magnesium, silicon, oxygen, iron, calcium, cilium, and natrium which are vital to physiological functions. It releases waves by creating resonance in cells


Benefits from Tourmaline Tourmaline crystal is named as permanent electric stone or electric stone. It releases electric energy. It enforces weak biological electric signals to normalize signal delivery mechanism. Promote the growth of cell and tissues and boost cell functions Control a nerve center, autonomic nervous system, and endocrine hormones in order to treat diseases of the nervous system and hormone-related diseases Promote blood circulation by expanding capillary vessels and purifying blood Facilitate anti-oxidation to dissolve and eliminate harmful oxygen or active oxygen


Benefits from Zeolite Zeolite is a compound Greek word (zein, to boil"; lithos, "a stone" : meaning the stone that boils). It is called boiling stone. Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers of the Cenozoic era react with alkaline groundwater. As a Micro-crystalline Mass, it is used as a high-performing material to absorb a positive ion, water, and gas. It has a very regular pore structure of molecular dimensions, so over 50% of the structure is empty. It is an energy crystal mass, generating and releasing a strong energy by electronic activity. Dissolve and exhaust a

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide An excellent cohesive force helps maintain the durability of HYGIEA products


Benefit from Perlite Its high thermal resistance helps it endures at a high temperature

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