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I am Dushyant’s mother Seema, he is the only son of mine.We reside at Tank Road in New Delhi. While the delivery Dushyant suddenly suffered from breathing problem than the doctors said that he has the congested chest and he is the patient of asthma since birth. When Dushyant started growing up he had a lot of problem in breathing. Than me and my husband went to several hospitals, in Gangaram hospital the doctor gave him the pump and said that he has to use it for life long to breathe properly and he is using this pump since he is one year old.

                                                                              Then I got to know about Vigen India from my mother as even she got a lot of comfort from Vigen. Now it’s been 4 months that I am visiting Vigen India's center at Karol Bagh and my son is perfectly fine. He has no breathing problem and even has stopped using the pump given by the doctors. After taking therapy everyday my son is having a good health just because of Vigen. I can never ever forget Vigen India.


My name is Lajjavati and I am a resident of Malkaganj New Delhi, since 13 years I was suffering from sugar problem because of which my body stopped working properly and I was not even able to see properly and since last 5-6years I am having a B.P problem and I went to several hospital to get a treatment for it, like Hindu Rao, Lady Harding and even took Ayurvedic treatment and also went to many private hospitals and they gave me several medicines to eat which had cost me a lot. In a day I use to eat some 12-13 medicine but it didn’t give me any comfort. Than my daughter took me to Vigen center at karol bagh and I was shocked to see a great change in my health.Vigen helped me to recover from the diseases I was suffering through and I thank Vigen from the bottom of my heart. I even thank the staff of Vigen for their caring nature. I love you HYGIEA and Vigen India.


I am Shiv Dulari, i stay in SangamVihar in New Delhi, I am suffering from the problem of asthma since last 4years due to which my breathe was unstable. I was unable to cook the food because of the smoke of stove. Even I had severe pain in my back, legs and was suffering from the problem of low BP. It was difficult for me to even sit or to get up due to pain and because of it my body gets swell. I took treatment of Homeopathy and in private hospitals but I couldn’t afford it for more than 4-5 days due to lack of money.

                                                                    Than my daughter told me about Vigen India & took me to Kalkaji Center. I have been coming here since last 2 weeks and took therapy of Samcho and Top &Top. Initially I faced healing action due to which it caused pain but I didn’t stop going there. Now I am very fine than before, I got relief in my back pain& low BP. Even I can perform all my work. Vigen India is the boon for the people.


My name is Rajiv and I am 28 years old. I live in Sangamvihar in New Delhi. My life became burden for me as well as for my family when I got injury in my spine & even I was not able to get up from the bed. This happened due to an accident by bus. I became totally helpless because I was not able to perform my basic and daily activity. My family members consider me as a burden on them. But my father stood by me & did my treatment. My father took me to Safdarjang & even took me to Kolkata for the treatment but I couldn’t get well. Doctors said for the operation but it was difficult for us to get it done because of money.

                                                         Then one day my friend told me about Vigen India and said that definitely I’ll get well by going there. With the help of the crutches I started going to the Kalkaji Center of Vigen India & took the therapy. In the beginning the pain increased due to healing action but I didn’t stop going. Now after taking the therapy for 5months I can walk without the help of crutches. As now I can perform my work so my family members have also started loving me. Really Vigen India has brought happiness in my life. It’s very good, I love Vigen India.


My name is Puran Chand, I am the father of Nishi. I live in Tank Road in New Delhi. Nishi is my elder daughter, like every father I also had a desire for my daughter’s marriage. She was about to get married in a couple of months , few days before the marriage she had a severe headache due to which she fainted. We thought it might be because of weakness but she was not reacting even when we threw some water on her face. Then we took her to Gangaram hospital where she was kept on medication. But the medicines were not effective and the doctors diagnosed that my daughter has gone in coma. The whole family was so depressed because marriage was just round the corner. But one day she suddenly came to her senses. We all became so happy to see her up back in her sense. But we realize that she was not able to move her body. The doctors told that her body got paralyzed and she could not do anything herself.

                                                                   Than I heard about Vigen India from a known person. I went to the Karol Bagh center, from there I purchased Samcho and my daughter started taking Samcho’s therapy. This therapy helped her to recover from paralysis. Now she is perfectly fine and can do her work on her own. I would heartily like to thanks Vigen India and would pray that may Vigen India get succeed in their work and keep helping people like me.


My daughter's name is Kajal, i live in Baljeetnagar of New delhi.  Kajal was suffering from paralysis since 9years and because of this I was worried about her. As she was suffering from paralysis I had to be with her all the time. For treatments I took her to RML Hospital, Tibbiya College, Safdarjung & Kalawati hospital and the doctors said that she can be treated only with the help of medicines but the treatment was too expensive for me to bear. Once I took Kajal to Kalawati Hospital where I met a man who told me about Vigen and gave me its card. Than i took my daughter to the Karol Bagh Center of Vigen India where she taking  therapy since last 7months and I am very regular about it, my daughter’s life is completely changed after coming to Vigen India. Earlier my daughter couldn’t even move but now she can walk and now sheis able to do her work on her own. Because of Vigen my daughter is now self-dependent. I am really very thankful to Vigen.


My name is Sunita, i live in Sec-1of Dwarka. It is more than 10 years that I am suffering from gastroenteritis. This problem increased more &more after the operation after it I even faced the problem of constipation & pain in full body. When I went to the doctor he diagnosed me sugar. Since then every day I take medicine for sugar which caused allergy in my full body. I got very upset by myself because simultaneously at the same time I was trapped by many problems like B.P, Body Pain, Allergy. After it I stopped the treatment due to which my problems increased. I visited to many skin specialists of Delhi but no one could cure it.

                 Then one day a lady at my neighbor whom I am very thankful to, told about Vigen India. On going to the Dwarka center of Vigen India I observed everything and learned a lot through the lectures and started taking the therapy. Initially for the 2-3 days my pain increased due to the healing action. After taking therapy for 2months I started getting relief & my all problems got cure. I am really very thankful to the CEO &  President of Vigen India for bringing such a miraculous machine to India.


My name is Bharti Vyas and my age is 63 yrs, I am a resident of Vile Parle (Mumbai). For the last 6 years I was suffering from the problem of Memory loss, due to the problem in my brain I tend to forget things and even my body wasn’t working properly. For the treatment I went to many hospitals and undergone many treatments like Allopathic, Homeopathy and even did Ayurvedic treatment but I dint get any relief. A doctor prescribed me for the City Scan of my Brain under which a Blockage had been diagnosed in its report. For its treatment I spent near about 2-3 lakhs rupees in various Health Center but no positive result was seen.

Than one of my relative told me about Vigen India & took me to Vile Parle Center. I took the therapy on Top & Top 8000 for 2 months, initially I faced some problem due to healing action but then also I continued taking the therapy. After taking therapy, I felt relief & my problems got cure. Now I have regained my memory power and I can remember everything. Vigen India is very good and I am proud to be a Vigen India Family Member. 


My name is Bhola Singh Sikarwar and my age is 43 yrs, I am a resident of Laxman Talaiya (Gwalior), since last 4 – 5 months, I was suffering from the problem ofsevere cold. When I went to hospital for the check-up, doctor asked me to udergo for a blood test.The report of the test diagnosed that I have blood cancer.Listening to this I was completely broken & shattered.As my financial condition is not very sound so I got worried about the expenses in the treatment.Despite of this fact I went for the treatment but dint get any relief & my condition started to detoriate day by day.

Then I heard about Vigen India from a known person & I went to Vinay Nagar Center (Gwalior) and started taking the therapy.Initially by taking the therapy my pain increased, but I was told by the Vigen staff that it is a positive sign of healing.After taking the therapy for about 1 month I started feeling change in my body.After taking the contineous therapy for 3 months, my all problems are cured and now I am living a healthy & happy life. I am thankful to the Global CEO, CEO Sir and President of Vigen India for bringing such a miraculous machine to India.

Bhola Singh Sikarwar

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